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John Lawler: Press

Hello John,

It's Cath here, Preston's wife / manager. We've both just watched the Ladies Night performance and both enjoyed it. Thanks for sending it along, we've never seen it done like that before. Preston said to tell you he's glad you've found your own way with it.

All the best,

Cath and Preston
Cath and Preston Reed (Nov 18, 2006)
Congratulations on 1743's current success, John. I'm so glad that I was a part of your creation. I've always admired your musicianship. Thanks for including me.
Chicago Rose (Nov 5, 2007)
Fantastic guitar playing!! I would love to play with you sometime! Thanks for connecting!!
Carol Alban - Flutist and Composer
"Let's have a hand for John Lawler, a great guitar player."
jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson
"I wish all my students could hear John play. He does things that just can't be taught."
World renown classical guitarist and columnist for 'Guitar Player Magazine', Benjamin Verdery
"Lawler is not only an accomplished harmonica player but an out-of-this-world guitarist. He was one of only eight guitar players from throughout the world who were invited to take part in the final rounds of an international competition staged last week in Milwaukee, the American Finger-Style Guitar Festival at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. Hats off to Lawler."
Kimberly Link - The Star Newspaper (August 10, 1989)
"Why are you such a liar!"
My niece Megan when she was four years old

Customer Reviews

"John, listened to the clips and HAD to have the CD!"


"Saw John Lawler at a show. I thought he was outstanding."


"I heard of John Lawler at a music store on Chicago's South side called "Hidden Music." I ran into one of his students. The things he played were amazing."


"John Lawler is a friend of mine and is an unbelievably talented musician. I wanted to get his Nuthouse song, but I really prefer the instrumentation and the love song on his CD. His band is exceptional."


I was lucky enough to hear John develop some of these songs from his early days playing at the Underground Wunderbar.....I have a very hard time believing he's not more well-known....his soul shines through on these songs, and it's hard to believe he can generate so much sound, even unaccompanied. The world needs to meet John Lawler.