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John Lawler: Photos

At Palmer Place in Hinsdale Illinois.
"Are you talkin' to us!". This was taken at the Lost Valley Ranch in Colorado. Clydesdale's have always had a thing for me.
The late great Toby. Lord of Lawler Manor.
Artist Jill McLean and cousin John Lawler in a recent photo in Ft. Myers, Florida.
My moms graduation picture from Northwestern University, Chicago.
Lightning striking the John Hancock Building - photo by Tamara Knutson

Las Vegas, Palms Gig

Palms Hotel in Las Vegas
During the sound check earlier in the day.
Playing Harp for pianist Damian Williams in Vegas
Damian Williams on piano John Lawler on harmonica (background)
Around the piano in the Hefner Suite
And the night continues...
Go Damian
Joan Hammer and Tory Cooper
...and the night continues...
Birthday Girl, Rhonda Mona
Ice Shoe Sculpture/Tequila Shooter
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