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John Lawler: Photos

Three talented men and a fingerstyle guitar player.
John Lawler and Lance Brown Performing in Valporaiso, IN
I happened to be in the Bayview Hotel in Northern Ireland when Darren Clarke came in to celebrate his British Open win the Monday after the win. I'm sitting at the bar in the background. The Claret Jug is in the foreground.
Performing at, St. Mary of the Hills, Blowing Rock, North Carolina. August 23rd 2011

The Band

Album Cover
Performers on 'Nuthouse'. Kevin Patrick, Mark Beringer, Heather Horton and John Lawler.
John Lawler - Guitar/Vocals/"I can't tell you."
Chicago Rose - vocals  (Photo by D. Satterberg)
Heather Horton - violin/"What's wrong?"
Mark Beringer - electric 5 string bass/acoustic bass
Kevin Patrick - percussion/vocals/"Keep it together."
Bryan Murray - Tenor sax on 'Wheels'
2000 band poster. Clockwise starting in upper left: John Lawler, Heather Horton, Mark Beringer, Kevin Patrick

Other Pics

John Lawler is featured in, Top 10 Chicago, (Eyewitness Travel Guides).
John Lawler performing with Anna Soltys at Martyr's in Chicago, July 28th, 2009
Anna Soltys at Martyr's in Chicago opening for Toby Lightman
Recently at The Underground Lounge in Chicago
John Lawler - 1963
Artist/Vocalist Anna Soltys. One of my best friends. I love this picture.
TK Audio in Chicago - This is the studio where I recorded '1743'. This is actually the fourth location for TK Audio since we started the '1743' project. Much of the CD was recorded here and in the previous Skokie loacation.
Another shot of TK Audio. I've never recorded in a studio that had (soundproof) windows before. It is one of the best features about recording there.
Tom Krol (engineer) at TK Audio in Chicago.
Tamara Knutson (vocalist) - John Lawler and Tamara Knutson performed together to a standing room only 400 seat, Freedom Hall Nathan Manilow Theatre, in Park Forest IL on December 16th, 2005. Click on 'Calendar' for more info
Winter Water Tower - Photo by John Lawler
Heather Horton. Violin
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