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John Lawler: News/Journal

Hello from Florida - April 7, 2006

Hello everyone, I'm in Florida right now working on my tan (which is hard since I wear 50 level sunblock and try not to go outside for more than 5 minutes at a time when I'm not golfing). I'm pretty sure I spotted Mike Ditka in first class on the way down here.


John Lawler on - March 30, 2006

I put up a page on finaly.

Go to:
I'll develop it more as I figure it out.

Check Out Jimmy Torres - March 26, 2006

I've added a link to the Jimmy Torres website in 'Links'. When you click on it, you'll hear the original recording of 'Wheels'. There's just something about that tune that I've always loved since childhood when I would listen to my dad's vinyls.

3rd Coast Cafe - March 18, 2006

I've added a link to the '3rd Coast Cafe' website. It's a great place. Check it out when you come to Chicago.

Duo - March 10, 2006

I rehearsed today with Chicago vocalist Anna Soltys. It went great. We'll be doing a few open stages in the next few weeks and then start booking gigs. I'll keep you posted.

Try to make the open stage performances as they are always a blast. Anna also plays guitar and we worked up a killer version of 'Linus and Lucy' (i.e. Charlie Brown Theme). I can't wait to perform with her.

Thought for Today - February 20, 2006

Get over it!

And if you're offended by people who say, "Get over it!", then get over that too.


New Photos - February 11, 2006

Check out 'Photos' for some new pics.

'1743' now World Wide - February 8, 2006

'John Lawler: 1743' is now available to all world wide affiliates of, apple itunes and several other digital download sites. Tell your friends in other countries to check out 1743.

1743 is also now available at (

Thanks for your support. I owe you all a great big party in Chicago. Let's go bar hopping for a few hours. Then we'll go to my favorite cafe and eat food, drink coffee and talk about philosophy in our newly enlightened states! BUT DON'T BOTHER THE OTHER CUSTOMERS!! AND, ABSOLUTELY NO URINATING IN THE POOL!!!

MP3 Extension Carries 1743 - February 7, 2006

John Lawler: 1743, now available on, MP3 Extension at

Thought for Today - February 1, 2006

A liar will love you right up untill you tell them the truth. Then they will think you are a liar.

Search for the truth and keep your mouth shut. Resist the temptation to lie to a liar (..unless you really need the money).

Open Your Eyes - January 20, 2006

'Open Your Eyes', was my first attempt at writing. I didn't always call it 'Open Your Eyes'. I discovered when I was seventeen that when you write something called, 'Open Your Eyes', people in their forties get offended. I changed the title to 'Beastinmarie' (as in The Beast in Marie).

Now that I'm in my forties I realize that people in their forties don't know squat. So I changed the title back to 'Open Your Eyes'.


Angel Cafe - January 17, 2006

'Angel Cafe', is about a place that I've loved for a long time. It's really called, 'The Third Coast Cafe'.

It became, 'Angel Cafe', in my mind when I went through something.

They all saw the same thing.

It's still my favorite place in the world.

They know what to do when things get strange.


Life is about Music again. - January 16, 2006

The Bears are out of the playoffs, so life is once again about music.

I'm setting up shows in the southwest suburbs as well as northside Chicago over the next month. I'll keep you posted.

Road Trip - January 13, 2006

I drove my long time friend and singing partner Tamara Knutson and all her worldly belongings to her new home in Lone Oak, Texas (just outside of Dallas). We wound up driving through six states to get there. We spent new years eve in a Motel 6 in Memphis.

I'll start working on a second album toward the end of January. Mark Beringer and Kevin Patrick, I'll be calling you guys soon. I hope you can work it into your schedules.

Go Bears! - December 27, 2005

Bears are in the playoffs!

This is so great!

Life is about so much more than music.

It's about the Bears!

Rudolf Show Was a Blast! - December 20, 2005

We (Tamara Knutson and John Lawler) had a great time performing at the Dave Rudolf Christmas Show at the Manilow Theater in Park Forest. This is a four hundred seat theater and it was filled to capacity last Friday night. I opened the set with 'Linus and Lucy' and '80 West' (from the CD, 1743). Tamara then joined me on, 'I'm an Alien' (also on 1743) and 'Edelwiess'. This was my 19th year performing for the Dave Rudolf show.

I'll be breaking ground on my next CD toward the end of January 2006.

Merry Christmas to you all, and thanks for supporting '1743'.

Read Song Lyrics in 'Bio' - December 9, 2005

I have posted the lyrics to the five vocals on '1743' on the 'Bio' page. Click on 'Bio' and scroll down to the bottom of the page under 'Song Lyrics'.

'1743' shows up on Rhapsody Radar - November 29, 2005

John Lawler's '1743' CD is moving up in the 'Folk' category on Rhapsody. Rhapsody is a commercial music site for digital downloads. '1743' is currently 798th out of the 6000 folk artists listed. Famous acts are featured on this site so hopefuly there is exposure to be had. '1743' is still topping the 'Power-Folk' and 'Chicago Blues' indy charts on after three months. Click on 'Links' for more information.

Go 1743!!!.......and Go BEARS!!!

Don't forget about the Dave Rudolf Kids Christmas show at Freedom Hall in Park forest Illinois on December 16th. I'll be joined by talented vocalist Tamara Knutson on three tunes. I usually do a twenty minute set. We try to keep the show under two hours so the kids don't get home too late. Also performing will be gold record recipient Dave Rudolf and local favorite 50's rock band, The Sensational Salami Brothers. Click on 'Calendar' for more information about the show.

Wolverine Boots Commercial - November 7, 2005

Go to 'Links' and click on 'Wolverine Boots Commercial' to watch the spot I did for Wolverine Boots. I'm on harmonica and Tom Krol is playing real cool slide guitar. This was recorded and produced at TK Audio in Chicago. There are several commercials produced at TK Audio listed at this site.
When you get there click on 'Wolverine Boots'.

Talk to you later.

Harmonica Projects - November 5, 2005

Many of you may only know me as a harmonica player. I've played in several jazz/blues/country bands throughout the Chicago area. I've included a link (click on 'Links') to direct you to some of the harmonica projects I've worked on in recent years.

In 2003 I performed on a sound track for an award winning PBS documentary titled, 'Chicago Filmmakers on the Chicago River'. I'm featured on the sound track during an interview with blockbuster director John Landis ('Blues Brothers', 'An American Werewolf in London'). The Chicago Tribune writes: "Chicago Filmmakers on the Chicago River is much like the river itself: unexpectedly beautiful, winding and completely unpredictable... a poetic little piece of punk documentary.". Also featured are directors Michael Mann, Harold Ramis and film critic Roger Ebert.

I also perform harmonica on two tracks of gold record recipient Dave Rudolf's kids CD titled 'Kids Don't Listen To This'. I play on 'Kid Blues' and 'Aunt Sarah's Got A Booger'. Although this CD is targeted for younger kids, it still has something for the adults. To be honest, I play one of the best blues harmonica solos of my career on 'Kid Blues', so give it a listen. 'Aunt Sarah's Got a Booger' was the number 1 requested song on Chicago's Kid Radio for a year. Released in 1991, this CD has resurfaced as a kids favorite in several cities. If you find some parts of '1743' a little on the depressing side, just remember this is the same guy who performed on a nationally played song called, 'Aunt Sarah's Got A Booger'.

In case you were wondering, that's me playing harmonica at the end of 'See How You Are?' on '1743'.

Dave Rudolf's All Ages Christmas Show in December - November 3, 2005

Well, it's that time again. The anual Dave Rudolf Cracked Christmas Show at Freedom hall in Park Forest Illinois will be on December 16th at 7:00pm till 9:00pm.

Among Rudolf's claims to fame are a gold record for "The Owl Song", part of Disney's Grammy-nominated, "Winnie the Pooh, Songs from the Hundred Acre Woods".

I have had the pleasure of performing on two of Dave's CD's. 'Kids Don't Listen to This' (harmonica) and 'Throwback' (nylon string guitar on 'Desiree').

I will be one of several acts who will be performing. Other acts include The Three Wise Guys (putting a humorous spin on old Christmas favorites) and The Sensational Salami Brothers (fifties Christmas rock).

This really is a fun show if you are looking for something to bring the kids to. Dave Rudolf and the Salami Brother's are equally as insane as I am (if not more so). We always have a great time at this event. Kids love it.

Click on 'Calendar' for details.

Hear full album at Rhapsody. - November 1, 2005

If you download the free software for Rhapsody digital download service and set a password, you can listen to all the tracks on '1743' all the way through up to 12 times each. Listen to the whole album several times before buying!

Check out new 'Photos' - October 22, 2005

I've added a few pictures of some of the other musicians and singers I have performed with in both past and recent years. Click on 'Photos' to view.

1743 Reviews - September 25, 2005

Read what people are saying about 1743 at

1743 4 out of 56000 - September 17, 2005

Today, 1743 went up to the number 4 spot on There are over 56000 artists with albums or singles posted on

Check out my favorites in the 'Bio' page. There are many very talented and often entertaining artists who post there, and you can't beat the prices. I've incuded links to homepages of some of these artists in the 'Links' page.

Also, unlike other (all) digital download sites, requires no special software or service fees. When you buy an album or an individual song, it will play on any mp3 device. Most digital download sites will only play on specific devices or computers.
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