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John Lawler: News/Journal

Merry Christmas! - December 24, 2007

...and a Happy New Year!

Monday at The Zebra - November 6, 2007

Damian Williams and I performed at 'Zebra Lounge' last night and it was a barn burner. Only three people had to be taken to the emergency room, "CLEAR!", but they're fine now and will be back next week.

I played, 'Nuthouse', on my twelve string and it went over very well. Most people are not aware that I played that tune as a solo guitar piece for years before I recorded it with a band.

I joined Damian Williams (keyboard/vocalist) on harmonica and we played the rest of the night. Damian is fantastic. If you ever get a chance to hear him, take it!

Zebra Lounge is located on State Street half a block north of Division.

Chicago Rose to Perform with Cirque du Soleil - November 4, 2007

My good friend and vocalist/whistler on, '1743', Chicago Rose', will be working as a lead vocalist with Cirque du Soleil in China for two years. Go to to hear her wonderful audition videos.

Rose, you're awesome.

Check out Bryan Murray - October 22, 2007

Bryan played sax on, 'Wheels'. This guy is as deep as an ocean. I love the fact that I had all these accomplished musicians (Mark Beringer, Kevin Patrick, Cory Radford, Chicago Rose, Bryan Murray), playing this wonderfully goofy tune at the end of '1743'.

Bryan, I'm sorry I butchered your name on the credits for '1743'. Fortunately nobody buys CD's anymore.

'1743' is a Top Seller on CDBaby - October 20, 2007

John Lawler's CD, '1743', is currently listed as a Top Selling Fingerstyle CD on now allows you to download, '1743', directly to your computer in MP3 format. The files will play on any MP3 device.

Click the following link to order your copy.

Zebra Lounge - October 18, 2007

I'll be sitting in with Damian Williams, pianist extraordinaire at the Zebra Lounge this Sunday October 21 and Monday October 22.

Zebra Lounge is located on State Street one block north of Division. If you've never been to the Zebra, it's a surreal experience. We'll be playing a variety of covers. I'll be playing harmonica. But I'm thinking of playing a few guitar instrumentals on my electric (which has never seen the inside of a bar).

Damian is one of my favorite people. I love his playing and we always inspire each other when we perform.

We WILL go insane at some point so if you're a girl press 9-1 on your cell phone and hold your finger on the '1' the entire time your at the bar.

Global Warming Prediction - October 7, 2007

I would like to make a few predictions (since the IPCC only make projections...based on speculations....based on computer models....written by people who want to get rich).

Prediction 1: If a democratic president takes office in '08, the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) will immediately release new "findings" that indicate global warming may not be the disaster they first thought it was. This will free up billions of American dollars to pump into the economy which will make the democrats look good. By then, Al Gore will have made millions on beach-front property investments.

Prediction 2: If a republican president takes office in '08, the IPCC will eventually buckle under the pressure of real scientists and facts that they currently insist on ignoring and Al Gore will, by then, have made millions on beach-front property investments.

Prediction 3: If, 'Predicion 2' or 'Prediction 3' , come to fruition, Michael Crichton's novel, 'State of Fear', will be made into a blockbuster movie and there will be a new batch of liberal movie stars who claim they knew it was a myth all along. The conservative movie stars will get all the good jobs and Al Gore will have made millions on beach-front property investments.


Neil Diamond's Music - August 19, 2007

I don't like Neil Diamond's music. Here's a typical example of the dialogue I've had with hardcore Neil Diamond fans:

Them: "Why don't you like Neil Diamond's music?"
Me: "Because it sucks."
Them: "Have you listened to all of his music?"
Me: "Yes."
Them: "Have you really listened to the words?"
Me: "Yes."
Them: "Have you seen him live?"
Me: "No."
Them: "Well, you have to see him live to understand."

I feel sorry for some poor kid who only speaks Arabic trying to tell his friends who only speak Arabic that Neil Diamond's music sucks. They probably tell him that he has to hear Niel Diamond's music in its original language to fully understand it.


Passing of the Peace - May 23, 2007

I'm not a big fan of physical contact of any kind. The only reason two men should hug is if one just saved the others life. I've been a church goer my entire life. My least favorite part of the service is what is known as, 'The Passing of the Peace'. That's where you have to shake hands with everyone and say, "Peace be with you.". I normally just say, "How's it goin".

My main problem with that part of the service is that I'm never surrounded by beautiful woman during the passing of the peace. It's always middle aged over weight men. Sometimes they come in for a hug. That's when I immediately shoot my hand out for a shake. That's close enough pal. Jesus just said to love your enemies. He never mentioned anything about hugging; and make no mistake, you ARE my enemy.

One of my best friends is Sicilian. He has to have his arm around you when he's talking. Sometimes he rests his hand on your forearm. It's a Sicilian thing. I will never go to Sicily. In fact I might just leave Italy out of my future all together. Irish on the other hand are hands off unless they're hitting you, which is just part of normal conversation with an Irishman. Africans are similar to the Irish only they tend to spend a little more time on the handshake. I can deal with that.

The British and Germans totally get it. You'll never hear a German or Brit say, "Somebody needs a hug. Get over here ya knuckle head."

Milk and Honey - May 18, 2007

Throughout history, milk and honey have been over rated. We have, 'Dairy Queen', now. I'm lactose intolerant so I never drink milk. I've never been a huge fan of honey. It's made by insects. Insects are in the termite family. Would you eat something that a termite made?

Imagine being on a date at a fancy expensive restaurant. Then the waiter comes out with his white ruffled shirt and black bow tie and says, "Here's your delicious termite poop sandwich, sir. Careful, it's hot. Enjoy!"

If the best thing your country has going for it is milk and honey, then I suggest you take some of the money you're spending on your military and put it into industry.

If I have to choose between a land full of milk and honey or a land where thousands of beautiful single Mexican woman sneak into every year......well, you do the math.


Thought for the Day - May 17, 2007

Why does Hollywood insist on portraying liberal democrats as face hugging creatures who hatch from eggs, attach themselves to human hosts and eventually attack our soldiers?

This is only partially true. They're not hatched.

Please remember America, liberal democrats are almost people too.


'Madman of Dearborn' - March 2, 2007

John Lawler will begin recording his second CD entitled, 'Madman of Dearborn', on March 12.

This will be a solo guitar instrumental album which will feature the twelve string guitar on at least half of the tracks.

Stay posted on

February 10, 2007

Can we PLEASE not talk about the Super Bowl!

Chicago Bears - January 24, 2007

My proposal for a name change for the city of Chicago has been granted.

We are now living in Loveytown USA

Chicago Rose - January 9, 2007

Chicago Rose was involved with the, '1743', project from the very start.

She was the whistler on, 'Wheels', The backup singer on, 'I'm An Alien' and 'It's All About Me',

She wrote out the charts for the instrumental, 'Open Your Eyes'.

And she played the life saving angel in, 'Angel Cafe'.

Check out these videos of Rose in action. Rose is a great performer. She is also one of the greatest musicians and thinkers I've ever known.

...oh, and by the way, she's one of the best jazz pianists in Chicago.

December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Late Night Television - December 11, 2006

I'm watching late night TV right now. I just watched an infomercial for the Church of Universal Idiots. Were the people who invented the drug Boniva trying to come up with the most ridiculous name ever imagined? If it weren't for the Bullet Blender and the George Foreman Grill, late night TV would be a total bust.

Happy Holidays - December 5, 2006

As we approach the best time of the year, let's not forget what this holiday season is all about. It's allaboutjohn. But it's not just about me, it's also about, THE BEARS.

It's about ME and THE BEARS.

"I'll Never Let You Go" - November 12, 2006

Click on the "I'll Never Let You Go" link. That's Anna Soltys, a gifted artist and songwriter/performer. There is a brief clip of John Lawler performing his arrangement of Preston Reed's, 'Ladies Night' at the end of the video. The whole clip will be available this Thursday.

John Lawler Featured in, 'Top 10 Chicago', (Eyewitness Travel Guides) - September 9, 2006

Ok, maybe I'm not exactly featured, but there is a picture of me performing on guitar at 'The Zebra Lounge' (which IS featured) on page 44. This is a 2004 addition. Check out the Amazon and Borders links below.

Solo 46 (Working Title of next CD by John Lawler) - August 29, 2006

Most of the material for my upcomming CD, 'Solo 46', is almost ready to record.

This CD will be all unaccompanied solo guitar instrumentals.

When I go into the studio I am also going to remix my very first album which was a live performance from 1989 at 'Fitzgeralds' in Chicago.

That album was called 'Bar Room Guitar'. The tracks I will be remixing will be available for free download on this site.

What's the Buzz? - July 10, 2006

Hear what musicians and composers around the world have to say about John Lawler and '1743'.

Check out Heather Horton on MySpace - June 5, 2006

I've updated my myspace page. It now includes a link to Heather Horton's page. Heather played violin on my CD. She is also the one who's asking, "What's wrong?", during the opening cacophony on '1743'.

Heather is a talented singer/songwriter. She has just released her debut CD, "...most of all". You can hear full songs from Heather's CD on MySpace.

Check out the Chicago Cubs game on June 13th. Heather will be singing the National Anthem before the game.

You can also view and hear some of my other favorite acts on myspace. FYI, some of them are on the PG-13 side.

Click here for more:

'Molly's Place' - May 26, 2006

The house concert was a blast. It was actually in Mokena, not Frankfort. Hosted by Brian and Diane Leo, this was their 100th house concert. I played the very first one in 1994, and the Leo's thought it fitting to have me back for the 100th.

Thanks Brian and Diane, I had a great time.

House Concert in May - May 1, 2006

On Saturday, May 20th, John Lawler will be performing a house concert in Frankfort Illinois at the home of Brian and Diane Leo. This will be their 100th house concert.

John Lawler will perform from 7:00pm to 8:00pm, followed by an open stage consisting of past performers.

Stay tuned for further details about the Leo's House Concert website and directions.
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